Rock Garden

Add extra natural beauty to your garden with a custom Rock Garden. Rock gardens are arranged to form a garden and let plants grow from soil between rocks. The advantages of rock gardens are that they give a natural impression, they are low maintenance with occasional weed-pulling between rocks, and the garden and plants can be customized to fit your landscape needs. The variety of garden rocks give plenty of options for colors, shapes, and sizes to match the aesthetic of your garden.

Pond Installations

Instantly transform your landscape with a beautifully designed water feature. Water features provide an equally inviting and tranquil environment to share with your friends and family. Whether you are interested in incorporating a pond or an ornate fountain, Clear Valley Landscapes will help you get the job done and bring your dream vision to life. We can design and create a water feature that blends in with your existing landscape and architecture while adding a charming touch.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to support soil and gardens, protect from erosion and runoff, and provide a distinct border and definition where needed. Whether you choose a retaining wall for its aesthetics or its functionality, it’s important that it is professionally designed and constructed to effectively withstand pressure of the soil through changes caused by seasonality. Clear Valley landscapes can build new retaining walls or repair and remove old retaining walls. We ensure that you end up with a retaining wall that has that ideal fit you need.

Patio & Walkways

Create an eye-catching outdoor living area with a paver patio or stone patio. Clear Valley Landscapes will design and install a patio that compliments your existing exterior and provides the base from which to enjoy your outdoor environment. You might also want to add a walkway for convenient access between outdoor areas and to enhance the visual aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Similar to patios, walkways can take many forms: gravel, paver, and stone pathways varying from plain to phenomenal – we’ll lay out all of the options to help create a walkway right for you.

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Clear Valley Landscapes offers premier plant installation services. Our team has a love for horticulture and outdoor space planning. Plants and trees have infinite potential to bring your garden to life, but proper execution is necessary to get your project completed and reach its full potential. We are happy to work with any existing plants you may have and help complete your vision for your dream landscape.

Grass Installation

Many people like sod for their lawns because of its atheistically pleasing look and soft feel when walking on. Sod establishment can be done within hours and can turn an empty patch of ground into a grass-covered lawn instantly after installation. Sod grass also prevents weeds from sprouting and germinating because the blades are grown in such close proximity to each other. We’ll ensure that sod gets correctly and efficiently installed so you have a nice looking lawn.

General Maintenance

Keep your outdoor areas healthy, attractive, and safe with our maintenance services. We’ll use our expertise and supplies to carry out planting, trimming, pruning, fertilizing, snow removal, walkway maintenance, mowing and more, depending on your needs.

Yard Cleanup

After a full analysis of your unique lawn, we will outline a personalized lawn care service plan outlining precisely what you should expect to receive. After the consultation, we lay out a schedule for consistent recurring maintenance based on your preferences and seasonality.

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